booklet booklet  /ˈbʊ klɪt/


  • (n) a small book usually having a paper cover



  1. PTI decided to publish a convention booklet and to make it available to the public.
  2. Each CD comes with the original album art, a booklet of new information and rare photographs of the quartet and a minidocumentary on the making of each album.
  3. Just the title of the booklet matters.


  1. Guide to Missouri rivers, streams updated

    The Missouri Department of Conservation has revised the “Paddler’s Guide to Missouri.” The booklet features 58 Missouri rivers and streams to canoe and kayak.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: Jefferson City News Tribune

  2. Verona business guide scheduled for release this fall

    Autumn is the new target date for completion of a how-to booklet for new businesses in Verona, Township Engineer Jim Helb said at the June 17 council meeting.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: The Record

  3. 150-year-old book of voters found

    It’s a small, weathered booklet, no more than a centimeter thick. The 150-year-old book, a bright yellow and stained around the edges, sits in the Washington County elections office. Little do most people know, it’s a small piece of Washington County’s history.
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Observer-Reporter


  1. "Our alliance with Nokia is advancing on multiple fronts and the Nokia Booklet 3G is an important step," said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "We are excited with Nokia's decision to launch its first PC with Windows 7. By combining the value and...
    on Oct 13, 2009 By: Steve Ballmer Source: Reuters

  2. Stroud said he checked the bottle's ingredients with "the little booklet we get from the NFL" and found nothing illegal.
    on Dec 5, 2007 By: Marcus Stroud Source: USA Today

  3. But National deputy leader Bill English said Labour had been let off with "a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket" by the commission. "How does ...... it look to the public when this is the second warning Labour has had on this booklet?"
    on Apr 3, 2008 By: Bill English Source:

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