bogy bogy


  1. (n) an unidentified (and possibly enemy) aircraft
  2. (n) an evil spirit



  1. Ever since his Midwestern utilities empire collapsed in scandal in the 1930s, the late Samuel Insull has served a generation of writers as a bogy of financial skulduggery.
  2. Inflation is a bogy word that has almost passed out of the news in a day when businesses have so much unused capacity around.
  3. Long a great bogy has been the German Dye Trust.


  1. "They seem to get us early on in seasons," back-rower Nathan Hindmarsh said. "I remember they put 50 on us once [in 2005]. They're a bit of a bogy side for us. Hopefully we're able to change that."
    on Mar 19, 2009 By: Nathan Hindmarsh Source: The Age

  2. "If Newcastle do go through to the Grand Final, we're hopefully going to play them there and we need to get those bogy thoughts out of our minds and a victory against them at the weekend is important," said McKinna. "We're confident - in a...
    on Feb 7, 2008 By: Lawrie McKinna Source:

  3. "I guess every side has teams out there that are seen by people as bogy sides, but the simple facts are we haven't aimed up each time we've played Parramatta," Hodgson said. "We haven't spoken about it. And I'm sure Parramatta won't have...
    on Aug 12, 2008 By: Brett Hodgson Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

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