blondness blondness


  • (n) the property of having a naturally light complexion



  1. With her tousled but well-scrubbed blondness, she looks as if she would be at ease in a law office or a pta car pool.
  2. Her knee-weakening blondness had so dumbfounded the fashion industry that to be a brunette had become almost tacky.
  3. This time there was no star wattage; the announcers on the channels I watched all sank into a sea of blandness and blondness.


  • Jenny McCarthy gets engaged to New Kid Donnie Wahlberg

    Today, two incandescent masses of blondness collapsed and formed a black hole of 1990s proportions, leaving trails of stunned 30 and 40-somethings across America dead in the wake.
    on April 17, 2014     Source: Tampa Bay Times


  • "The movie doesn't have as much of that (blondness)," Cyrus says. "It's more based on my Miley side of things, which is going to be really cool."
    on Mar 6, 2008 By: Miley Cyrus Source: Houston Chronicle

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