blandly blandly  /b ˈlænd li/


  • (adv) in a bland manner


  1. He called two members of the city government's board, blandly proposed that they write him a letter requesting state police to help preserve peace on school-opening day.
  2. Taking counsel from this time-honored precedent, Genji blandly ignored the conscience-smitten Kashiwagi, and soon actually pitied his terror-stricken young Nyosan.


  • The Banality of Butter: What Hannah Arendt Can Tell Us About Paula Deen

    It's been my good fortune to read Hannah Arendt right as all the Paula Deen mishigas has gone down. Not that The Banality of Evil forecasts Ms. Deen’s allure — her standing has always bent toward the nostalgic, the airbrushed, the blandly retrograde. Nor in any real way can we fit Deen’s comparably mild offenses with those of a world-historic villain. Of course not. But the response of her many ...
    on July 1, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News


  1. "No one could possibly comprehend the frightening and life threatening nature of the predicament they found themselves in," Hair told AFP via email. "For Mr Lorgat to blandly ask them to be 'more rational' I think (smacks of) bullying and...
    on Mar 8, 2009 By: Darrell Hair Source: AFP

  2. Yes, her State of the Union response this year was a clunker, but Obama is more than rousing enough for two people, and who knows, some voters might actually like what Camille Paglia called Sebelius's "cordial, smoothly reassuring, and blandly...
    on Jun 18, 2008 By: Camille Paglia Source: CBS News

  3. "My secret is bleak diets," Carey told People.A bleak diet consists of "basically soups and fish prepared really blandly.
    on Sep 24, 2007 By: Mariah Carey Source:

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