big-chested big-chested


  • (adj) marked by a large or well-developed chest


  1. At a desk in a long room at the heart of the Kremlin, a grey-shocked big-chested man sat, making decisions.
  2. These were some of the diminutives which were supposed to distinguish the saucy, small-voiced Fritzi from the big-chested titans of the opera.
  3. One was Speaker Nicholas Longworth, big-chested, blushing, back-slapping Republican leader of the House, natty Presidential hopeful.


  • "We wanted to send a message early and play a great game in our building and we did," Carolina center Doug Weight said. "Having said that, it's only 1-0 in the series and we have nothing to be big-chested about right now."
    on May 8, 2006 By: Doug Weight Source:

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