bicycling bicycling  /ˈbaɪ ˌsɪ kə lɪŋ/


  • (n) riding a bicycle


  1. There are 500 km of bicycling and walking paths, which often hug the banks of the Erdre River.
  2. On weekends, Sloane, his wife and four kids all go bicycling for a change, often knocking off as many as 100 miles a day.
  3. He goes bicycling in a derby hat.


  1. Bicyclist Injured In Hit And Run

    TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka Police are looking for a driver who hit a bicyclist then fled. Lt. Scott Gilchrist says the incident happened just after 9:40 pm Monday. He says a woman was bicycling near SE 21st and Adams when she was hit.
    on July 2, 2013     Source: WIBW Topeka

  2. Bicycling experts demonstrate proper ride techniques in Allentown

    Street smart is when cycling in Allentown could mean the difference between a safe ride and disaster. "Part of these new shared lane markings [sharrows] are to show people where to be riding their bikes in traffic," said Brian Sherry, a bicycling instructor. "Hopefully, these lane markings will help motorists understand cyclists have a right to be there in the first place." Bicycle experts from ...
    on June 29, 2013     Source: WFMZ Eastern Pennsylvania and Western New Jersey

  3. Chat replay: Bicycling conditions in Seattle

    Join us at noon Friday for an online chat about bicycling conditions in Seattle. Our guests — Professor John Pucher of Rutgers University and Barb Chamberlain, executive director of the Bicycle Alliance of Washington — will take questions, joined by Mike Lindblom, Seattle Times transport
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Seattle Times


  1. "With the endorsement of every sport's governing body, the chance of Chicago getting the Olympics goes up," Schuler said. "It really reinforces that Wisconsin is a leader in a lot of categories that involve bicycling."
    on Jan 15, 2009 By: Tom Schuler Source: USA Today

  2. Heidi said, "I know a lot of people talk about Seal's bicycle shorts, but it is the truth. That is what he was wearing the first time I met him and I was overwhelmed. He still wears them now, when he does all of his bicycling stuff or when he runs....
    on Oct 29, 2007 By: Heidi Klum Source: AZ

  3. "Murch Elementary School has made incredible progress improving the school's safe walking and bicycling culture and infrastructure," said Chairman Oberstar. "I am pleased to help recognize the tremendous efforts made here in Washington DC and...
    on Oct 26, 2009 By: Jim Oberstar Source: Reuters

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