belly-up belly-up


  • (adj) financially ruined


  1. Nothing could have been a box office success, I believe, but its distributor went belly-up in the economic downturn.
  2. As vulnerable companies go belly-up, potential hires are hesitant about giving up stable positions to join firms on questionable footing.
  3. The $15 billion that banks are reportedly being asked to pony up would amount to nothing like the losses on Wall Street should a major monoline go belly-up.


  • World Series hero's wild pitch could bleed RI finances

    Schilling could do no wrong when he pitched through a heel injury - with his sock famously bloody - to help the Red Sox win the World Series. (AP) Curt Schilling was the toast of New England when he led the Boston Red Sox to World Series glory in 2007, but these days he's a goat after his ill-fated video game company went belly-up and left Rhode Island holding a near-$100 million loan guarantee ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Fox News

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