beaut beaut


  • (n) an outstanding example of its kind


  1. Two Texans give beauty contestants their winning form.
  2. A few times every century, a great beauty is born.
  3. With his fresh concepts of beauty, Uemura joined the generation of Japanese taste-makers who established the country's global influence in design and fashion.


  • I’ve got nothing to hide

    One of the most idiotic, un-American and unconstitutional notions is this beaut. I don’t care what the government knows or seeks to know or intercepts, whatever. I’ve got nothing to hide. Film me, surveil me, watch me, I don’t care. …
    on June 15, 2013     Source: WPIX 11 New York


  1. "Gottlieb was one of the most incredible people I have ever seen. I have had so many beaut trips with him," Clark said, adding that over the years she had also got to know his wife Ann and family very well.
    on Aug 14, 2008 By: Helen Clark Source: The Age

  2. "I'm sure Fletcher will come up with some you-beaut plan, a you-beaut comment," Warne said.
    on Dec 7, 2006 By: Shane Warne Source: Hindu

  3. "That's special, that really is you beaut, fair dinkum, nice uranium," Mr Howard told a laughing audience in a mock summation of Labor's stance.
    on Jul 28, 2006 By: John Howard Source:

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