barrel-shaped barrel-shaped


  • (adj) having the general shape of a barrel


  1. Though similarly barrel-shaped, the new comer was white and wore a beard.
  2. The ceremony features 14 monks and nuns chanting and dancing in harmony with traditional Korean musical instruments like the popko, a barrel-shaped drum.
  3. The tube led up to a barrel-shaped cylinder about an inch high from which on the other side a similar tube stretched to prick the chilly flesh of poor Mae Wahl.


  • Lego faces are getting more pissed off, study says

    These Lego orcs look pretty angry. (Credit: Lego) The classic Lego person is a happy creature, sporting a smile on its barrel-shaped yellow face. These are the Lego people I grew up with. They all looked pretty thrilled to be little Lego beings. But times have changed. There are Lego battles to be fought and Lego foes to struggle against. It's starting to look more like "Game of Thrones" than ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: CNET


  • "When mum died, everything changed for me," says Ash, "She was just fab, my mum. Always on the go, always looking fantastic, dead streetwise. She was a lovely, laughing, barrel-shaped woman, with skinny arms and a screeching laugh. She died...
    on Jul 25, 2008 By: Leslie Ash Source: Scotsman

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