balefully balefully


  • (adv) in a baleful manner


  1. Back in the fishing villages of Hokkaido, the Japanese vessels wait idly, their crews staring balefully out to sea.
  2. The bird's head is as big as a grapefruit, its yellow eyes glitter balefully.
  3. Curator Tom Otten reports that they have become short-tempered, stare balefully at strangers and deliberately make mistakes when doing tricks with their trainers.


  • The Way, Way Back

    Despite its familiar plot and characters, this winning coming-of-age comedy feels remarkably fresh by Al Hoff En route to the beach where he will spend the summer with his mom (Toni Collette) and her new boyfriend, Trent (Steve Carell), 14-year-old Duncan (Liam James) is balefully watching the road retreat from the rear-facing station-wagon seat, a.k.a. "the way, way back." Trent asks Duncan to ...
    on July 17, 2013     Source: Pittsburgh City Paper


  • Bose says it was a perfectly plausible situation for nudity, "though hardly titillating since there were nine Malayalee crew members staring balefully at my efforts to simulate sexual arousal under the sheets."
    on Feb 3, 2004 By: Rahul Bose Source: Sify

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