bafflement bafflement


  • (n) confusion resulting from failure to understand


  1. Since the lyrics remain a bafflement, it might well be.
  2. Film critics aren't supposed to confess bafflement at the end of a review, but that's what I feel here.
  3. His roommate Paul, who has a similar wiener-like shape, but taller and with a nose, lips and pronounced nipples, cocks his eyebrow in bafflement.


  • Plan B emergency contraceptive pill battle: Confusion endures

    It was hailed as a significant step forward in women's reproductive rights, but this week's decision by the Obama administration to allow non-prescription, over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step may do little to dispel widespread bafflement over the issue, say medical and legal experts.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "When I was home this weekend, I talked to constituents who expressed their utter bafflement that Congress could not proceed on something that has widespread support," Ms. Collins said.
    on Mar 2, 2010 By: Susan Collins Source: New York Times

  2. Now head of the European Commission delegation in Washington, Mr Bruton said US political reaction to the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty last June was "one of complete bafflement".
    on Oct 30, 2008 By: John Bruton Source: Irish Times

  3. "In Caracas today it often seems as if there were no issues, only bilious anger or unconditional devotion - or gasping bafflement - all provoked by the president," Ms Guillermoprieto said.
    on Nov 24, 2005 By: Alma Guillermoprieto Source:

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