automaker automaker  /ˈɔ toʊ ˌmeɪ kər/


  • (n) a business engaged in the manufacture of automobiles


  1. Toyota is on pace to overtake troubled General Motors as the world's largest automaker by 2010.
  2. It's very expensive to operate a plant in California, notes a senior executive with another Japanese automaker.
  3. After that, the automaker's next big introduction comes in the first quarter of 2010, when the new Jeep Grand Cherokee debuts.


  1. This Automaker Is Unstoppable

    This Automaker Is Unstoppable        
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Motley Fool

  2. GM's Barra: Automaker working on cutting costs

    General Motors Co.'s global product chief told analysts Wednesday that the automaker is working to boost its operating margins by working with suppliers, using more global vehicle architectures and components across its footprint and by cutting logistics costs.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Detroit News

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  1. "Obviously, Toyota has been an extraordinary automaker for a very long time, and I suspect that they will continue to be, despite this recent glitch," Obama said.
    on Feb 12, 2010 By: Barack Obama Source: The Japan Times

  2. "We're still continuing to negotiate with (Chinese automaker) Geeley (Automobile Holdings) and we're committed to selling Volvo," Booth said. "Volvo will be sold."
    on Dec 18, 2009 By: Lewis Booth Source: AFP

  3. Because the auto industry is "highly integrated," Engler said, "a failure of one automaker could have a crippling impact on the entire supply chain."
    on Dec 19, 2008 By: John Engler Source: Dayton Business Journal

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