aural aural  /ˈɔ rəl/


  1. (adj) of or pertaining to hearing or the ear
  2. (adj) relating to or characterized by an aura

Derived Word(s)



  1. White noise becomes the aural equivalent of the clash of images, the nonstop blast of fragments that increasingly agitates our minds.
  2. Sellers faced an even bigger hurdle: he was moving from an aural medium to a visual one.
  3. Then, at exactly the same time across the country, an official strikes a metal plate with a small hammer, the aural signal for the year to begin.


  1. Let The Sweet Sound Of Three Ford GT40s Fill Your Ear Holes

    What's this here? Oh, not much, just footage of not one, not two, but three Ford GT40s getting whipped around Imola. It's aural stimulation of the highest order. You see, the GT40... oh, the hell with it. I have nothing to add to this. Just watch the video and listen, because it's awesome. There are a couple old-school Porsche 911s in there for good measure, too. You're welcome.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Jalopnik

  2. User Panel Options!!

    Perhaps the great achievement is that, in delivering an album that invites close scrutiny, These New Puritans create an aural haven from the very lifestyle Field of Reeds challenges.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: metacritic

  3. Video: 'Berberian Sound Studio' picks up the sounds of violence

    In Peter Strickland's film, a Foley artist working on a horror movie enters a horror of his own. No blood is spilled or flesh ripped on screen in "Berberian Sound Studio," Peter Strickland's disturbing satirical thriller about the dubbing of a ferocious horror movie made in the style of giallo directors such as Mario Bava, Pupi Avati and Dario Argento. Instead, all the violence is aural.        
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  1. "For me, there was only one actor who could powerfully convey the lead character Nikolai's many subtleties in Eastern Promises -- and only one composer who could provide the aural context for Nikolai's world," said Cronenberg in a statement....
    on Dec 14, 2007 By: David Cronenberg Source: Vancouver Sun

  2. "They do have the nicest national anthem," says author Edward. "I have it as a sort of aural screensaver . . ."
    on Jun 30, 2010 By: Matt Damon Source: East Anglian Daily Times

  3. "I wanted to blur the boundaries, so that you don't know which sounds are real and which are coming from the speakers all round the auditorium," says Neuwirth. "It creates the effect of immersion in a kind of aural phantasmagoria."
    on Mar 24, 2008 By: Olga Neuwirth Source:

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