audaciousness audaciousness


  1. (n) fearless daring
  2. (n) aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery



  1. In the sober matter of staging Shakespeare, such audaciousness is hard to resist -- though a lot of Chicago theatergoers have been able to.
  2. And yet the audaciousness of the subway attack has exposed Russia's vulnerability to terrorism.


  • John Talabot Launches Weekly Radio Program and Podcast

    As a DJ, John Talabot's mixing skills are second only to the occasional audaciousness of his selections. And as co-founder of Barcelona's Hivern Discs label, he has proven that he has a keen ear for A&R...
    on September 3, 2013     Source: Spin


  1. "I love the pure audaciousness of this project because, growing up in Coatbridge, I remember saying I wanted to work in Hollywood, that I wanted to be a writer when I grew up," said Millar. "Especially in the Eighties, that seemed ludicrous....
    on Nov 17, 2007 By: Mark Millar Source: Scotland on Sunday

  2. "We are very proud of 'Grindhouse,'" Harvey Weinstein said in a statement, adding it "earned overwhelming rave reviews for its audaciousness and boldness."
    on Apr 27, 2007 By: Harvey Weinstein Source: Variety

  3. As SI's Tom Verducci wrote last week, Harwell had an understated elegance, which has become "a lost art given the audaciousness, trumped-up signature calls and desire to be noticed in broadcasting today."
    on May 10, 2010 By: Tom Verducci Source:

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