asymptotic asymptotic


  • (adj) relating to or of the nature of an asymptote


  • He likes to superimpose a trelliswork of formulations from the Greek or Latin (grids of the apodictic, the epistemological, the asymptotic) upon the subject at hand.



  1. "Neither one of those guys has had any issues with any of the things that are even being talked about. All I know is that if Cuttino has anything, he's been asymptotic," Dunleavy said. "He's never had any issue with us. There's never been one...
    on Nov 24, 2008 By: Mike Dunleavy Source: USA Today

  2. As is often the case, Carl Sagan said it best: "We have a method, and that method helps us to reach not absolute truth, only asymptotic approaches to the truth - never there, just closer and closer, always finding vast new oceans of undiscovered...
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: Carl Sagan Source: The Atlantic (blog)

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