astonish astonish  /ə ˈstɑ nɪʃ/


  • (v) affect with wonder



  1. It was to astonish their peers that Packard Engineers Woolson and Lees had flown the 650 wind-jostled miles from Detroit.
  2. Whatever the explanation, these displays of honesty routinely astonish visitors from abroad.
  3. Each new violent movie, like this summer's Total Recall, wants to astonish jaded audiences with its special-effects audacity.



  1. "A strategy for recovery must be a strategy for learning. We must create a society where learning is a way of life and learning is lifelong," Ignatieff said. "If you ask what I want for Canada, it is this: That we surprise ourselves, astonish...
    on May 2, 2009 By: Michael Ignatieff Source:

  2. "Do not worry, it would astonish me if I wasn't ready for this match, it is not as serious as all that," said Lahm. "And also I have time to rest and the body can absorb the pain during a day off."
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Philipp Lahm Source: SkySports

  3. "I cannot recall such a conversation and it would astonish me if I had paid no attention to such a message or had forgotten it," Danneels said.
    on Jun 24, 2010 By: Cardinal Godfried Daneels Source: AFP

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