ascribe ascribe  /ə ˈskraɪb/


  • (v) attribute or credit to


Derived Word(s)


  1. So Pinker draws fire from those who ascribe all ills to the corruption of pristine souls.
  2. People in law enforcement, not surprisingly, agree, and aren't willing to ascribe the slide in crime to things beyond their control.
  3. You certainly can't ascribe a plausible financial motive to Mackey--rahodeb's postings weren't moving stock prices around.


  • Google Is Taking A Stand Against Child Porn

    There are conflicting accounts about the origins of Google's de facto motto. Some say that Paul Buchheit, creator of Gmail, came up with it at a meeting about "corporate values" in 2000. Others ascribe the phrase to Amit Patel, a Google engineer, a year earlier.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Business Insider


  1. "I can't ascribe motives to the lack of action in Albany, but I can definitively say the environment and the future quality of life in New York took a beating," Bloomberg said in a statement.
    on Jul 17, 2007 By: Michael Bloomberg Source: Washington Post

  2. Rosanne Cash responded on her website: "It is appalling that people still want to invoke my father's name, five years after his death, to ascribe beliefs, ideals, values and loyalties to him that cannot possibly be determined......"
    on Jun 18, 2010 By: Rosanne Cash Source: The Quietus

  3. "That's why I'm so disappointed by repeated statements by Chinese officials that ascribe to the Dalai Lama views and actions divorced from what he actually represents. Such rhetoric doesn't serve a cause of peaceful change and reconciliation,"...
    on Jul 25, 2008 By: John McCain Source: Economic Times

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