artilleryman artilleryman


  • (n) a serviceman in the artillery



  1. Sydney Holland, 56-year-old businessman, sheep rancher, World War I artilleryman, and politician since 1935, forcefully led the attack.
  2. This collegiate ground-breaking is due in no small part to an eleven-year campaign by a bronzed, lean artilleryman at West Point.
  3. Leslie Ruth Howard, daughter of Cinemactor Leslie Howard; and Captain Dale Harris, Canadian artilleryman ; near Dorking, England.


  • Ex-military swelling ranks of entrepreneurs

    Brett Lawler spent eight years in the Army — including two combat deployments to Iraq — as a field artilleryman and intelligence officer before settling into farm life in Kittanning.
    on December 29, 2013     Source: Stars and Stripes

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