articulately articulately


  1. (adv) with eloquence
  2. (adv) in an articulate manner




  1. Made his case - such as on the rule of law and immigration - more articulately and smoothly than he generally has in debates and on the trail.
  2. He now invests some of that pile and says his website analyses articulately the processes he undertakes when considering investments on his personal account.
  3. Frondizi is a cool intellectual who frowns more than he smiles, reads widely, speaks articulately and unemotionally.


  • True Blood Recap: Like a Prayer

    As a society, we've learned not to expect too much of a midget pony. Yes, most of us agree that midget ponies look terrific. But say one of them clip-clopped up to the rolled-down window of your El Camino and began to speak articulately about theology or civil rights or ... More »
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Vulture


  1. "The underlying part of any comprehensive immigration bill is family unity," he said. "We need to speak more clearly and more articulately and more frequently that the (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, and same-sex couples...
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: Luis Gutierrez Source: San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

  2. "Training allows confidential, authentic communications practices which accentuates a client's strengths, mitigates weaknesses, and allows the client to deliver his or her message effectively, articulately and memorably," said Ronn Torossian,...
    on Sep 29, 2009 By: Ronn Torossian Source: Reuters

  3. "She (Patricia) spoke lucidly and articulately about their life together," Tyson said in a PBS podcast. "This was a treasure of storytelling. That has got to be the friendliest family I have ever spent time with in my life. I learned how...
    on Feb 18, 2010 By: Neil deGrasse Tyson Source: Las Cruces Sun-News

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