arced arced


  • (adj) forming or resembling an arch



  1. A blue-and-white Pennsylvania State Police helicopter arced in low over the roof-line.
  2. On Friday afternoon, the sun returned and a cheerless rainbow arced across the skyline.
  3. Tracers arced over the darkened city.


  • 'Camp LifeSaver' hopes to do just what its name says

    GAINESVILLE – With wide eyes and audible gasps of amazement the eleven elementary school students were transfixed as the electricity arced and sizzled, demonstrating vividly what the team from Jackson EMC had just told them could happen.
    on July 10, 2013     Source:


  1. "When Sam went into Turn 1, I knew right then he wasn't going to make the race," Montoya said. "He never arced the corner. He was just like an open-wheeler and went straight to the bottom, and he just came out going high out of the corner....
    on Oct 18, 2007 By: Juan Pablo Montoya Source: USA Today

  2. "We've arced it out," Fuller tells Sci Fi Wire in a new interview that contains spoilers for the final episodes. "The dangling threads from the series with Chuck's father and Ned's father and the pocket watches are all dealt with, not...
    on May 30, 2009 By: Bryan Fuller Source: Comic Book Resources

  3. "I was trying to kind of arc it in and trying to get it to turn across the center and when I arced it in over here it just got away from me," Biffle said. "I just couldn't get the car to turn all night. It was too bad, and then we had an...
    on May 10, 2010 By: Greg Biffle Source:

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