aquamarine aquamarine  /ˌɑ kwə mə ˈrin/


  1. (n) a transparent variety of beryl that is blue green in color
  2. (n) a shade of blue tinged with green


  1. Among the bride's wedding presents: a $15,000 aquamarine and platinum necklace.
  2. For Eva Duarte de Pern, Dutra had a whopping aquamarine brooch encrusted with diamonds.


  1. The world’s largest cut gem has ties to Fort Worth

    Success of Fort Worth-based business helped gemologist buy the Dom Pedro aquamarine, which was donated to the Smithsonian.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

  2. Lyrical storytelling propels Kon-Tiki's tale of a raft-borne adventurer

    The color blue dominates the filmmakers' palette in Kon-Tiki : the azure expanse of open sky, the aquamarine sheen of boundless ocean, the cerulean eyes of Pl Hagen in the role of real-life adventurer Thor Heyerdahl. Geir Hartly Andreassen's beautifully saturated cinematography nourishes the senses like a photo spread in National Geographic .
    on June 8, 2013     Source: Isthmus


  1. "They have different kinds of colors, like aquamarine, tan, brick red," Madison said.
    on Oct 28, 2004 By: James Madison Source: NBC

  2. Speaking at the launch, Mr Salmond said: "I'm delighted to see first-hand the full-scale Oyster now installed and operating offshore. This is a key milestone for Aquamarine Power and for Scotland's marine renewables sector. Scotland's potential...
    on Nov 20, 2009 By: Alex Salmond Source: New Energy Focus

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