apple-shaped apple-shaped


  • (adj) having the general shape of an apple


  1. For apple-shaped people hunting for the right diet, a blood test to determine insulin levels may help confirm which regimen will work best for them.
  2. Some 60 camels mill about, stirring up the dust and leaving apple-shaped footprints in the sand, while riders rest on their haunches in the shade of acacia trees.


  • Follow your labels: American apple juice is a product of China

    My bus from Xi'an, China, passed by the giant apple-shaped structure on the edge of the city of Luochuan. At the core of the apple is an empty convention center; next to it is the apple museum and apple hotel. All this anticipates an apple tourist boom to match the apple-production explosion here.
    on July 21, 2013     Source: Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo! News

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