aphid aphid  /ˈæ fəd/


  • (n) any of various small plant-sucking insects


  1. Recently Skovmand discovered a rare strain of wheat from eastern Turkey that is resistant to the Russian aphid, an invader that has so far cost American farmers $300 million.
  2. Lasius niger gently carries an aphid egg in its jaws, magnified here 90x.
  3. And, alas, even PTI is now tapiring off in a manner that has us aphid linguiphiles so worked up we could spitz! Weasel all be happier if you stick with straight news copy.


  • 101 Ideas: Talk about gall!

    Abnormal growths that appear on the surface of leaves (or stems) are usually a sign that an insect is at work. There are hundreds of gall types, caused by mites, midges, tiny wasps, aphid-like insects and thrips and they vary in shape -- from red and spindly to round and green to large and woody -- depending on the type of insect and the plant affected.  
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Greece Post

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  1. "It is now the commonest ladybird in North America," Dr Majerus told BBC News. "It is outcompeting pretty much all of the aphid-feeding native American ladybirds which are going through anything from a slight to a very, very serious decline....
    on Oct 5, 2004 By: Michael Majerus Source: BBC News

  2. "If you are an aphid, and you want to reproduce quickly, parthenogenesis essentially allows you to double your production," says Prof. John Meyer, who teaches entomology at North Carolina State University.
    on Jun 28, 2007 By: John Meyer Source: U.S. News & World Report

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