apathetically apathetically


  • (adv) in an apathetic manner


  1. In the Senate, where members apathetically debated the new ECA appropriation, Republicans considered whether foreign aid could be reduced.
  2. They watched apathetically while opportunists from outside exploited their land, were so riddled by disease that their number had dropped to less than 600.


  • UK Parliament Blasts Google Over Piracy

    Departing from the normal routine of chiding Google over taxes, British parliament is trying its hand at chiding Google over piracy. A select committee accused Google of apathetically failing to curb piracy. The chairman of the committee, John Whittingdale, said that MPs were "unimpressed by Google's continued failure to stop" displaying search results for illegal content.
    on September 26, 2013     Source: TechNewsWorld.com

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