anthropomorphism anthropomorphism  /ˌænθrə pə ˈmɔr fɪ zəm/


  • (n) the representation of objects (especially a god) as having human form or traits

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  1. We look into their eyes and we see ourselves, and even experienced scientists who've spent years observing them struggle to avoid falling into the trap of anthropomorphism.
  2. He did go for the jungular, exaggerating facial features and specializing in a kind of reverse anthropomorphism: he turned men into beasts.
  3. Kids gobble up the automotive anthropomorphism and hardly seem to notice that the movie lacks the craftsmanship that used to be a Disney trademark.


  • Relating animals to humans could help conservation projects

    ( University of Kent ) New research by conservationists at the universities of Kent, Oxford, Columbia (USA) and Monash (Australia) suggests that people's tendency to relate more to animals that bear a resemblance to humans (anthropomorphism) could help improve public engagement with conservation projects.
    on August 22, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!

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  • Where Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan's Reconstructionist philosophy saw "Judaism as civilization" and God as a sociological construct, Jacobs argued that we ought to avoid, "when thinking of God, the extremes of both anthropomorphism and...
    on Dec 4, 2007 By: Louis Jacobs Source: Jerusalem Post

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