anthill anthill  /ˈænt ˌhɪl/


  • (n) a mound of earth made by ants as they dig their nest


  1. I suggest that you take a good look at an anthill.
  2. Without their skills, the confessional-psychiatric dialogue, which sends Celia off to her eventual anthill, sounds surprisingly specious and unconvincing.
  3. Man, says Toynbee, with a Balliol-bred benignity of wit and grace of phrasing, is but a scurrying creature on a cosmic anthill who may be, but is not necessarily, doomed.



  • "I have written many books that are open polemics about our relationship with nature," Wilson explains. "What I ended up doing in Anthill was to lay a polemic into the foundation of the book. I tried to depict the remnant ecosystems, their...
    on Jun 5, 2010 By: EO Wilson Source: The Guardian

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