antenatal antenatal


  • (adj) occurring or existing before birth



  1. Almost one in four women who give birth receives no antenatal care.
  2. When Tatu became pregnant, she went to the antenatal clinic at KCMC and discovered she was HIV-positive.
  3. I encounter young couples all the time who are prospective parents but have no way of accessing appropriate antenatal care.



  1. Andrew Lansley, the Shadow Health Secretary, said: "I find it astonishing that Patricia Hewitt can mislead expectant mothers and unemployed midwives by making this announcement without acknowledging the shortage of midwives, that antenatal classes...
    on Apr 4, 2007 By: Andrew Lansley Source: Times Online

  2. Professor Elliot says, "Failure to provide information about the dangers of alcohol consumption in the antenatal consultation represents a lost opportunity. Accurate recording of antenatal alcohol exposure will help identify children who require...
    on Jul 20, 2008 By: Elisabeth Elliot Source: HULIQ (press release)

  3. Mrs Gidley said: "Antenatal classes help women prepare for childbirth and knowing what to expect can help make the experience a more comfortable and less medical one."
    on Mar 27, 2007 By: Sandra Gidley Source: this is

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