anomie anomie  /ˈæ nə mi/


  1. (n) personal state of isolation and anxiety resulting from a lack of social control and regulation
  2. (n) lack of moral standards in a society



  1. Art today can give you anomie, no problem.
  2. Because he's wrapped in career anomie.
  3. Not that this will be easy in an age of anomie, symbolized by handgun violence, hip-hop quality and an MTV attention span.



    The year is only a dozen days old and already changes are sweeping through Washington, the Middle East and Russia. Anomie has a cure, and it is serious engagement in vital questions.
    on January 11, 2014     Source: David Shribman via Yahoo! News


  1. "Sometime after I left, the town became a maze of charmless Indian strip malls and housing developments. Whenever I go back, I feel what people in Arizona talk about: a sense of loss and anomie and disbelief that anyone can eat food that spicy,"...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Joel Stein Source: Times of India

  2. Soyinka warned that the country would continue to drift towards "a state of anomie" if government failed to allow the reign of unfettered rule of law in all ramifications.
    on May 9, 2008 By: Wole Soyinka Source: This Day (registration)

  3. Robert Storr, a modern art professor at New York University's Institute of Fine Arts, describes the Leipzig painters as "artists who are going back to a literal, descriptive figuration and giving it an air of anomie."
    on May 9, 2006 By: Robert Storr Source: Independent

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