anarchically anarchically


  • (adv) in a lawless rebellious manner


  1. YouTube had arrived, as a media outlet and as a social forcea place where ideas and images can spread instantly, cheaply, democratically and anarchically.
  2. When Adela begins to awaken to her own sexuality, it is at a temple covered with erotic statuary and guarded by a large troop of anarchically aggressive monkeys.
  3. Founded in 1886 after an Australian prospector discovered gold, the city grew anarchically during the mining boom and then by demographic design during the apartheid years.


  • On the back cover of the new book Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Songs and Stories, noted American rock critic Robert Christgau writes that "the anarchically genteel living-room musicality of these sisters has to be one of Canada's greatest contributions...
    on Feb 15, 2007 By: Robert Christgau Source: The Gazette (Montreal)

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