amorously amorously


  • (adv) in an amorous manner


  1. Mario Vargas Llosa's autobiographical novel Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter amorously paired a young man with an older woman.
  2. She quits her first post because a married doctor keeps breathing amorously on her neck.
  3. He would find, too, no racial distinctions; there would be fair-haired Russian girls sitting amorously with slant-eyed Mongols or yellow-skinned Tartars.


  • In "Clark Gable: Tormented Star," out this September, David Bret writes that the "Gone With the Wind" star was "not in the least amorously interested in Marilyn. In as much as he had a fetish for cleanliness, she could not have been less...
    on Jul 8, 2007 By: David Bret Source: New York Post

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