ammunition ammunition  /ˌæm jə ˈnɪ ʃən/


  1. (n) projectiles to be fired from a gun
  2. (n) any nuclear or chemical or biological material that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction
  3. (n) information that can be used to attack or defend a claim or argument or viewpoint


  1. The stress tests give the supervisors the ammunition they need to do that.
  2. Another nearby was much bigger and also filled with ammunition.
  3. Shops across the country are reporting ammunition shortages because stores can't meet demand for bullets.


  1. Obama's Fourth War?

    Syria is being compared to a lot of things — Kosovo, Rwanda, Libya, Iraq — and the Obama administration is divided over which lessons should apply. Here's what President Obama will do for Syrian rebels: give them small arms and ammunition. Here's what he's considering: a no-fly zone along the Jordanian border, and maybe anti-tank weapons. Here's what he won't do, for now: give them anti-aircraft ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News

  2. High Demand, Low Supply for Ammunition Causing Shortage

    Whether it's for recreation or protection, most popular ammunition is in short supply these days - and what is around costs much more than it used to.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: NBC 29 Charlottesville

  3. A Shortage of Ammunition in the Northland

    Superior, WI ( --- Ammunition supplies around the country are at an extreme low.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Northland's News Center

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  1. On Wednesday, Obama said the Fed was "running out of the traditional ammunition" to combat a recession as the central bank cut US rates virtually to zero.
    on Dec 18, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: Channel News Asia

  2. Crocker said he fears that announcing troop withdrawals, as Democrats want, would focus Iraqi attention on "building the walls, stocking ammunition and getting ready for a big nasty street fight" rather than working toward reconciliation.
    on Sep 11, 2007 By: Ryan Crocker Source: Forbes

  3. "We already have our plans ready to tackle even more difficult times, and to do that we have reserved adequate ammunition," Premier Wen Jiabao said at a news conference following the close of China's annual legislative meeting. "That means...
    on Mar 12, 2009 By: Wen Jiabao Source: International Herald Tribune

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