amazingly amazingly  /ə ˈmeɪ zɪŋ li/


  • (adv) in an amazing manner; to everyone's surprise



  1. Music quality is amazingly good for audio that streams for free over ATT's data network.
  2. The amazingly slippery, heat-resistant plastic known as Teflon was discovered purely by accident by DuPont chemist Roy Plunkett in 1938.
  3. His personality amazingly allowed him to pursue policies that would have scared the daylights out of a lot of Americans had it been another person advocating them.


  1. SPX Update: Unraveling the Near-Term Potentials

    The charts remain messy, but amazingly, despite the feel of hanging on the edges of our seats, the market has performed very much in line with the preferred count from June 12. The pattern now
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Nasdaq

  2. Paul Williams: From Soft Rock Hitmaker to Daft Punk Collaborator (Q&A)

    What's it like to record with robots? "They were really amazingly easy to work with," says the veteran songwriter and current ASCAP president of the breathlessly hyped French electronic duo. read more        
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Hollywood Reporter

  3. Two Dollar Bills

    We recently discovered that the husband of one of Ken’s old friends is obsessed with two dollar bills . Amazingly awesome, right? I had no idea that two dollar bills still existed (use the two!) and so I swapped some cash for some of his two dollar bills. Turns out, Matt loves using two dollar bills as doing so has helped make the simple process of exchanging money lead to amazing stories ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: StyleBistro


  1. "We have both been brutally assaulted by Governor Romney with amazingly misleading ads that attacked and distorted and misrepresented our records, Romney attacking me in Iowa, attacking him in New Hampshire," Huckabee said on "Fox News Sunday."
    on Jan 6, 2008 By: Mike Huckabee Source: Forbes

  2. "The sleek, aluminium Mac mini packs great features, versatility and value into an elegant, amazingly compact design," said Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing in a statement. "With twice the graphics...
    on Jun 15, 2010 By: Philip Schiller Source: iTech Report

  3. "Sixty-five goals, leading scorer in the league, and their team made the playoffs," Iginla said. "They turned it around pretty amazingly and everyone knows what a huge part of that he was. He's very deserving. It was fun to watch him, too."
    on Apr 21, 2004 By: Jarome Iginla Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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