album album  /ˈæl bəm/


  1. (n) one or more recordings issued together; originally released on 12-inch phonograph records (usually with attractive record covers) and later on cassette audiotape and compact disc
  2. (n) a book of blank pages with pockets or envelopes; for organizing photographs or stamp collections etc


  1. PTI picks and reviews the top 100 music albums.
  2. PTI picks and reviews the top 100 music albums.
  3. Key album: Spirit of Music.


  1. Album review: Kaija Saariaho, 'La Passion de Simone'

    Album review: Kaija Saariaho, 'La Passion de Simone' New Music Composer Kaija Saariaho's theatrical meditation on the life and thought of the French mystic Simone Weil is a static and rather moody affair, an openly undramatic series of self-contained scenes ("stations") to a rather murky French libretto by Amin Maalouf. There are moments of sudden glory and invention scattered throughout - the ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. LeAnn Rimes' Spitfire Album Debuts to Disappointing Sales

    LeAnn Rimes' Spitfire album tanked, selling 10,798 copies in its first week. It debuted at No. 36 on the Billboard charts.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: US Weekly

  3. Pop album review: Boards of Canada's 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

    The album from the Scottish duo enters a world teeming with beauty. "Tomorrow's Harvest," the fourth album by Scottish ambient electronic duo Boards of Canada, begins with the sound of an audio logo, a quick "Intel inside"-suggestive mnemonic that vanishes as quickly as it arrives. The tones are followed by a moment of silence, and the effect is not unlike the strike of a bell before a ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times

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  1. "Malia's friend had dropped off an album of the two of them. They've been friends since preschool. I just looked through the pages, the house was empty. It was a little tough," Obama said.
    on Jan 4, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: ABC News

  2. "In Britain's Got Talent she opened her mouth and the world fell in love with her, which is why her album has been the fastest selling of any woman making her debut," Cowell said.
    on Nov 30, 2009 By: Simon Cowell Source: Toronto Star

  3. "I'm saddened and disappointed that my label chose to put out another hits album instead of new music," McGraw said. "I've only had one studio album since my last hits package. It has to be just as confusing to the fans as it is to me."
    on Oct 14, 2008 By: Tim McGraw Source: FOXNews

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