affectingly affectingly


  • (adv) in a poignant or touching manner



  1. Appelfeld simply and affectingly bears witness, and in the end, his sole, muted voice is more effective than a choir and louder than a roar.
  2. To the story of how Orpheus journeys to Hades to bring back his dead wife, Gluck wrote music that flowed smoothly, affectingly and formed a whole with the text.
  3. He affectingly describes the harrowing days at the site, where a number of Domingo's relatives had been trapped on the building's sixth floor.


  • Conversations on Serious Topics - H 2013

    In Lithuania’s official Oscar submission, a documentarian offers children and teens a chance to share their insights and philosophies. Giedre Beinoriute , director of the documentary Conversations on Serious Topics and its offscreen interlocutor, takes kids seriously. For her affectingly straightforward film, she spoke with a dozen of them, tweens and teens from various backgrounds, and listened ...
    on December 22, 2013     Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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