acoustically acoustically  /ə ˈku stɪk li/


  • (adv) with respect to acoustics


  1. Stuttgart has completed its attempt to provide an acoustically perfect shape with its $2,600,000 Liederhalle.
  2. The acoustically overendowed condos--mere feet away from high-performance cars screaming by at 170 m.
  3. An acoustically sympathetic environment is almost as important.



  1. "One of our senior doctors told me: 'The driver of this car is going to cooked, vibrated, acoustically deafened, subjected to enormous G-forces which will both disorientate and threaten to make him black out,'" Green said. "To put that in...
    on Oct 23, 2008 By: Andy Green Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "So much of my writing, particularly when I write acoustically, comes straight out of the folk tradition," Springsteen said in a statement. "Making this album was creatively liberating because I have a love of all those different roots...
    on Mar 2, 2006 By: Bruce Springsteen Source:

  3. "We've been jamming acoustically lately and we've been really enjoying it," said Summers. "We'll be playing a couple of new songs at the shows in the summer."
    on Apr 5, 2007 By: Andy Summers Source:

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