acerbity acerbity


  1. (n) a sharp bitterness
  2. (n) a sharp sour taste
  3. (n) a rough and bitter manner

Derived Word(s)


  1. As he spits out retorts with majestic acerbity, you think for a minute that he's right and the Agency is wrong that he knows too much or has dug too deep.
  2. For all his acerbity, Dole has a first-rate sense of humor, even about himself.
  3. After bruising some Harvard egos with his acerbity, he has launched a $2 million student-aid plan that might help soften his image.


  • Peter Hitchens, of the Mail on Sunday, says: "I remember howls of rage, walk-outs and factional baying at Labour conferences, along with genuinely contested elections for office, and even some acerbity over the European Union at Tory ones," he...
    on Sep 14, 2008 By: Peter Hitchens Source: Independent

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