diametric :

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  • a  related to or along a diameter
  • s  characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed
    in diametric contradiction to his claims
    diametrical (or opposite) points of view

  • It does happen to be almost the diametric opposite, though, of another popular argument for why Glass-Steagall repeal was a disaster--because it led to a situation in which, to .
  • The policy response from the Fed and Congress was pretty much the diametric opposite of that of the early 1930s, so the hope is that things will turn out better this time.
  • He was a very unlikely politician for the Republican Party, the diametric opposite of Dick Cheney.

  • Allan Gotlieb in 940 News
    He was one tough bird,Allan Gotlieb, former Canadian ambassador to the United States, told the Globe. "He was extremely direct and totally unfearful of the consequences of his comments. He was the diametric opposite of the namby-pamby...
  • Marcello Pera in guardian.co.uk
    The speaker of the Italian senate, Marcello Pera, who has launched a movement for the defence of Europe's Christian values, said the suggestion was "the diametric opposite of any kind of attempt at integration".

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