vapor pressure vapor pressure


  • (n) the pressure exerted by a vapor; often understood to mean saturated vapor pressure (the vapor pressure of a vapor in contact with its liquid form)


  1. Vapor Pressure Tester provides 0.1 kPa repeatability.

    Designed to automate manual ASTM D2879 Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure by Isoteniscope used by chemical industry, MINIVAP VPXpert-L measures gasoline, jet fuels, solvents, and chemicals as well as food, flavor, and fragrance products. Analyzer is optimized for pressure range of 0.1–100 kPa and temperatures from 0–120°C. Requiring only 1 mL of sample per test, instrument ...
    on October 18, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

  2. Dry and Polluted Air Causes Eye Discomfort, Worse in Winter, Report Eye Researcher

    Water Vapor Pressure and Particulate Pollution Impacts Eye Comfort and Health Says Bio Logic Aqua Research Founder Sharon Kleyne. (PRWeb October 16, 2013) Read the full story at
    on October 16, 2013     Source: PRWeb

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