tameness tameness


  1. (n) the quality of being vapid and unsophisticated
  2. (n) the attribute of having been domesticated


  1. As Rodgers Hart see it, what was killing musicomedy was its sameness, its tameness, its eternal rhyming of June with moon.
  2. At first the new press displayed a striking sameness in content, tameness in outlook.
  3. What does most to relieve the sameness and tameness of Miss Liberty are Jerome Robbins' gay, rowdy dances.


  • Taylor Swift's First Vine Pokes Fun at How Tame She Is

    (Getty Images) Taylor Swift 's tameness has been a running joke for pretty much her entire career. The Nashville-based superstar is the first to point out how much she prefers Law & Order: SVU and a glass of lavender lemonade over the club scene, so it wasn't too big a surprise that she dedicated her first-ever Vine post to the couch, her cat, and Titanic . "At 9pm, I'm either onstage or doing ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: Zimbio

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