regardless regardless  /rə ˈɡɑrd ləs/


  1. (adj) (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration
  2. (adv) in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks


  1. But it's hard to muster a ton of sympathy for a guy profiting handsomely from a hatchet job on his own sister regardless of how miserably she may have treated him.
  2. Overall, the new study found, regardless of the race of their adoptive parents, black adopted children were no different from other kids in levels of self-esteem.
  3. Every voterregardless of partywants the House ethics rules changed.


  1. Melanoma Deaths More Likely in Young Men Than Women

    Young men are more likely to die of the skin cancer melanoma than young women, regardless of the severity of the tumor, a new study found. This suggests there are fundamental biological differences between melanoma in men and women, the researchers said.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: via Yahoo! News

  2. Inspired By High-End Autos, Digital Storm's Aventum II Is A PC Gamer's Dream Machine

    Regardless of perceived success or failure, one must give a boutique system builder a hearty round of applause for investing the time and resources into building their own systems from the ground up. Not merely assembling a customer's desired components and stamping a logo on the chassis, but creating their own case and cooling solutions. Digital Storm has done exactly that with the Aventum II ...
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Forbes

  3. IRD: 'Marriage is Worth Defending'

    "Regardless of court rulings, churches and others, now more than ever, must defend and strengthen traditional marriage." -- Kristin Rudolph, IRD Evangelical Program Coordinator
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Christian News Wire


  1. "The score is kind of the golden egg," Duval said. "You have to hit shots, you have to hit putts. Regardless of where it's done or who does it, it's amazing."
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: David Duval Source: ESPN

  2. "Our goal - my goal - is an Iraq that no longer needs American troops," McCain said. "And I believe we can achieve that goal, perhaps sooner than many imagine. But I also believe that to promise a withdrawal of our forces, regardless of the...
    on Apr 8, 2007 By: John McCain Source: 940 News

  3. "We are not going to make any excuse regardless of what happens from now to the end," Guillen said. "If we finish last, it's not because of Peavy. If we finish first, it's not because of Peavy. I think we still have a good ball club."
    on Jul 7, 2010 By: Jose Guillen Source: FOXNews

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