point after touchdown point after touchdown


  • (n) in American football a point awarded for a successful place kick following a touchdown



  1. There are few rule changes; the only important one concerns penalties for fouls committed during the try-for-point after touchdown.
  2. In the last quarter, Stecker missed another kick for point after touchdown but this one mattered less.
  3. Most eccentric of all Coach Stiner's notions is his defense against a point after touchdown.


  1. NFL Considers No Extra Points

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the NFL Network the league is considering getting rid of the point after touchdown, or PAT. Goodell told the network, “The extra point is almost automatic.” One suggested proposal involves a touchdown being worth seven …
    on January 22, 2014     Source: Nightcap TV

  2. NFL mulls abolishing extra point

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Monday that the league’s competition committee might eventually abolish the point after touchdown.
    on January 22, 2014     Source: WDSU New Orleans

  3. Report: NFL mulls proposal to eliminate extra point kick- NFL offers glimpse of Super Bowl tickets

    The NFL is reportedly considering abolishing the extra point after touchdowns as part of its scoring system.
    on January 21, 2014     Source: Fox News

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