piton piton


  • (n) a metal spike with a hole for a rope; mountaineers drive it into ice or rock to use as a hold


  1. After an hour's work, he drove a piton into the rock, hooked a finger through the piton's eye and leaned dizzily backwards to search for a route above.
  2. Siegert and his companions hammered in a piton every 3 ft.
  3. Unable to move or risk driving a piton into the rock, Bonatti hung motionless for an hour, finally gambled on lunging to his right, amazingly lighted on a toehold and handhold.


  • Mayor Nutter's 2013 vacation mystery solved?

    It appears though, the mayor and his family were walking the sandy beaches below the " majestic Piton mountains " in St. Lucia, a gorgeous Caribbean island.
    on August 2, 2013     Source: Philly.com

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