overserious overserious


  • (adj) excessively serious


  1. They are a sensible, hardworking, sometimes overserious staff, no New Deal crackpots.
  2. Still, most musicians are an overserious lot, and most writing about music is overburdened with gravity.
  3. When the latter begins to sound overserious, Hess smiles warmly, utters an extravagantly pornographic non sequitur, or simply stands on his head.


  • Your horoscope

    Know that losing your temper will not be helpful. If you are single, relationships that you begin could feel heavy or serious. If you are attached, the two of you become more expressive than you have been in the past. Aquarius understands and gives good advice. ??? You might think that a partner is overserious and not aware of how you feel. Be careful when handling your hurt and anger. ???? You ...
    on March 26, 2014     Source: Albany Times Union

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