overpressure overpressure


  • (n) a transient air pressure greater than the surrounding atmospheric pressure


  1. An overpressure exceeding 20 p.
  2. Hippies commonly flee from father-absent homes in which despairing mothers either overindulge their children or, as surrogate achievers, overpressure them.
  3. In another room was the top-secret Bomb Alarm, a system of sensors and copper wires that crisscrossed the country and reacted to overpressure, heat and brilliance.


  1. 7 minors charged with using 'Drano bomb' in N. Aurora

    Seven juveniles have been arrested and charged in connection to six "Drano bomb" episodes in North Aurora between May 25 and June 1, police said. No one was injured by the devices, which were homemade overpressure devices made out of plastic bottles and household chemicals.
    on August 23, 2013     Source: Daily Herald

  2. Seven teenagers charged with North Aurora bombings

    Seven North Aurora teens are facing charges this week for their alleged involvement in a series of “Drano” bombings that occurred throughout the village earlier this summer. From May 25 through June 5, six residents reported that someone had exploded a “Drano” bomb somewhere on their property. The bombs involved were homemade overpressure devices made out of plastic bottles and household ...
    on August 21, 2013     Source: The Beacon News


  • "I heard people in Australia thought UFOs were visiting :)," SpaceX's millionaire founder Elon Musk told SPACE.com in an e-mail. "The venting of propellants, which is done to ensure that an overpressure event doesn't produce orbital debris,...
    on Jun 8, 2010 By: Elon Musk Source: RedOrbit

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