overexertion overexertion


  • (n) excessive exertion; so much exertion that discomfort or injury results


  1. Leah offers cautions about overexertion, suggestions on how to do each pose at various levels of challenge, and great good humor.
  2. That there was unusual overexertion and stress and strain, both physical and mental, was clearly established.
  3. The artery that burst in the President's head was presumably hardened and thickened by arteriosclerosis, which may be caused by old age, infection, overwork, worry, overexertion.


  • Local Sports

    The pass through the baseball was nice and easy. There was no overexertion, no trying to lift the ball in the air. Just a smooth, easy pass through the baseball.
    on June 29, 2013     Source: The Williamsport Sun-Gazette

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