overcompensation overcompensation


  1. (n) (psychiatry) an attempt to overcome a real or imagined defect or unwanted trait by overly exaggerating its opposite
  2. (n) excessive compensation


  1. It may have been overcompensation, so to speak, on Dodd's part.
  2. I do not mean to start claptrapping myself, but I often think that all our acts of aggression and wanna-fight posturing arise from that well as forms of overcompensation or panic.
  3. There was, in all this bluster and techno-wizardry, a feeling of overcompensation.


  1. "I know that feeling of insecurity and overcompensation that I try to do with the character but I don't think I'm quite as awkward as some of those moments," said Rudd, adding: "But I can be."
    on Mar 17, 2009 By: Paul Rudd Source: MiamiHerald.com

  2. "It was back spasms," Jackson said. "It was overcompensation with my groin."
    on Oct 28, 2007 By: Steven Jackson Source: USA Today

  3. "Because of the injury, the overcompensation, you tend to pull a little bit and not extend," Hamels said. "I was pretty much short-arming it. I told myself, Just get extended. What are you afraid of?' I was able to extend a few times, but...
    on Sep 20, 2007 By: Cole Hamels Source: Cherry Hill Courier Post

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