outwards outwards  /ˈaʊ twərdz/


  • (adv) toward the outside


  1. The most famous is an old-fashioned steam iron with a row of nails glued down the center, the points turned outwards, titled unreasonably but interestingly Gift.
  2. A home for crippled children and a whole street of modest dwellings were laid open like dolls' houses, the walls being sucked off outwards by the tornadic vacuum.


  • Review: iLuv Aud 5 Apple Lightning Speaker Dock

    Like many earlier iPod and iPhone speakers, Aud 5’s shape is a slightly edgier spin on the neutral-looking Bose SoundDock, here with top corners that curve outwards to form a 12.5” control panel above an 11.25” base. Rounded in back with a combination of glossy and matte black plastics, Aud 5 has only two rear ports—one for an included wall power adapter, the other for 3.5mm audio input—while ...
    on July 22, 2013     Source: iLounge

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