osmosis osmosis  /ˌɔz ˈmoʊ sɪs/


  • (n) (biology, chemistry) diffusion of molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a place of higher concentration to a place of lower concentration until the concentration on both sides is equal


  1. I had not, at that time, seen any yakuza films, although I was aware of the genre by some species of pop-culture osmosis.
  2. Clearly, cooperation on the AfPak part of the program is proceeding apace and it ain't happening by osmosis.
  3. Reverse osmosis, as the process is called, stops nonwater molecules including viruses and pharmaceuticals.


  1. Veolia Wins Desalination Plant Contract in Saudi Arabia

    Veolia Environnement was awarded a contract for a reverse-osmosis desalination plant on the Arabian Gulf by Marafiq, the Saudi power and water utility for Jubail and Yanbu, al-Riyadh newspaper said without disclosing terms.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Bloomberg

  2. Western Springs water plant undergoes iron testing

    WESTERN SPRINGS — Testing for removal of trace iron deposits still remains at the village’s newly-constructed water treatment plant. Monitored by the village Water Department, the plant is designed using reverse osmosis technology, which removes salt and other substances from water molecules facilitated by membrane-technology filtration. The water blend of the new system consists of 15 percent ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Doings Western Springs

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  1. "I'm sure it's helpful," said Belichick, whose father, Steve, played for the Detroit Lions. "There's things you learn and understand - sometimes it's by osmosis, other times it's just a lifestyle. I can relate to that."
    on Apr 27, 2008 By: Bill Belichick Source: USA Today

  2. "Can you imagine how intimidating that must have been for them when they were starting out," says director David Yates. "By osmosis, they've probably been picking up so much, because the only actors they've ever worked with are these...
    on Jul 17, 2009 By: David Yates Source: New York Daily News

  3. "Hillary should be careful about scoffing at other people's experience," Mr. Sorensen said. "It's not as if the process of osmosis gives her presidential qualities by physical proximity."
    on Dec 22, 2007 By: Theodore Sorensen Source: New York Times

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