orthostatic orthostatic


  • (adj) pertaining to an upright standing posture


  1. The sudden jolt induces symptoms of orthostatic hypotension.
  2. If Conrad comes through in better physical shape than Cooper, who is not wearing the cuffs, Berry may have the solution to orthostatic hypotension.
  3. Berry was particularly concerned about orthostatic hypertension, a drop in blood pressure combined with an abnormally rapid heartbeat, which can bring on fainting spells.


  • Standing up can mean passing out for airman

    Kelsey Lehenbauer, 24, does not plan to spend the left of her life passing out from standing up. Whiteman Air Force Base Visitors Center’s assistant supervisor, Lehenbauer is affected by a rare disorder, postural orthostatic syndrome. POTS can make her heart rate to speed up rapidly when she rises, causing her to faint.
    on September 23, 2013     Source: Stars and Stripes


  • "Although orthostatic intolerance is not uncommon in the world population, its symptoms can be mild enough to remain undetected or extremely difficult to diagnose, or it can be dormant for a long time and brought on spontaneously by a trigger,...
    on Nov 30, 2006 By: John Watson Source: CBS News

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