orogeny orogeny


  • (n) the process of mountain formation (especially by the upward displacement of the earth's crust)


  1. He offers David Love, a legendary Wyoming geologist, and along with the orogeny of that highly geological state come marvelous yarns about Love's father John, who rode with Butch .
  2. While this astonishment reverberates, he goes on methodically to discuss orogeny, which is mountain building (benthic refers to the ocean bottom).


  • Ghost glaciers and cosmic trips: New GSA Bulletin postings for July 2013

    ( Geological Society of America ) July 2013 GSA Bulletin postings cover the solid Earth's influence on the sea; the diverging geologic histories of the North America Cordillera; "ghost glaciers" in Greenland; the Picuris Orogeny, New Mexico, USA; the Corner Brook Lake Block in the Appalachian orogen of western Newfoundland; the Cryogenian Perry Canyon Formation in Utah, USA; geochronology of the ...
    on July 26, 2013     Source: EurekAlert!

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